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Pattern Finder Upgrades - Year End Special - And What's Coming

The Nine Strongest Oil Stocks - Screening and Charting

SPX Update; Recession 'Proof' Stocks; Heavy Bearish Volume Stocks

S&P 500 - Automatic Adjustment to Support Just Occurred in Real-time; Why it Matters

SPX Before the Fed - Critical Levels

Two Breakouts, MDB, Heavy Bullish and Bearish Volume With Stock Moves

SPX, Strongest Sectors, A Breakout

Market View, Inflation Data, Bullish Volume, Breakthroughs

SPX Overview; Fascinating Double Bottom(s) Chart; Bullish Breakouts on Volume;

Strength Here, Weakness There, Breakouts Elsewhere

More Chart Breakthroughs on Inflation Day

Breakouts from Resistance and Double Bottoms Emerge - Chartist Wonderland

FOMC Day - Where to Look if it's Good News or Bad News - Finding Strength

Video: Why and How to use Stock Charts to Trade

Charting Webinar this Weekend

Charts: The Market, Mega Caps, Strength in These Industries

Today is the Day - Pattern Finder is Live

Today's Exploding Volume and Movers

Mega Tech and Banks; Is the Breakout Real?

The Monster Green Candle Today; Energy and Mega Tech

Strong EPS Rating and Three-Month RS

Friday: Jobs Day Move the Market; Chart Time

Breakouts, Buy Rating Strength, Sell Rating Strength

Trading a Bear - Pair trading on Charts and Relative Strength

Four Tech Darlings Ready to Break Out... or Break Down (SNOW, CRWD, DDOG, OKTA)

S&P 500 Falls to Support

A Stock with Strength -- Twice, and a Failed SaaS Breakout

SPY breaks support; next trading levels; A bull market in a bear market

Understanding SPY Support on Inflation Data; Identifying Profitable Companies with Rising Stocks

Tech stock rises with support; new heavy buying volume hits another stock

Rising Stocks with Institutional Volume and... a Tech Stock Chart

Pattern Finder: Rising Stocks with Institutional Volume and... a Tech Stock Chart

AAPL, GLBE at critical support

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